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  • Who Are We?


    WGYC Provides Peace of Mind For Local Business Owners

    We've Got Your Customers was founded to help local business owners, just like yourself, navigate through the confusion of the World Wide Web.

    Finding someone you can trust is getting harder and harder every day. We earn our customers trust.

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    Over 10K hours of Online Marketing Research and Implementation Hard at Work to Build Your Business!!

  • You Need To Be Here


    Are You Being Found Where Your Customers Are Searching?!

    Local SEO is the process of improving a website's visibility in "organic" search ranking listings using geo-targeted keywords.

    Search Google for your industry's main keywords. Who shows up at the Top?

    You or your competitors?

    Learn About Local SEO
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    Over 97% of consumers research products/ services online before buying locally!

  • We Can Help!


    We've Helped Dozens of Small Businesses Dominate Locally

    Customers follow very specific patterns when deciding who to purchase products and services from.

    Based on years of researching these behavioral patterns, 14 powerful marketing systems have been developed.

    These systems cover all the major places that your future customers will look and when they do, YOU will be the local expert they choose to do business with.

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    14 Powerful Marketing Systems For 1 Low Price!

    Noone Else Comes Close!

Tampa Local SEO Company Specializing in Local Lead Generation

Being found when someone searches on Google is just one part of an ever-evolving equation.  You need to show up EVERYWHERE that customers turn when ready to make a purchasing decision.  That’s where Tampa SEO company We’ve Got Your Customers comes in!

Whereas most companies offer you 1, 2 or possibly 3 services to help with your marketing, We’ve Got Your Customers provides an industry dominating 14 Point Marketing System that establishes you as the local expert and authority in your market.

  • 8 High Quality Videos are shot using proven best practice techniques. There are a handful of key elements that will ensure that your videos project the professional image you need to Stand Out from your competition!

  • Your NAP (Name Address Phone Number) is your most important asset online. It must be consistent everywhere on the web. The more relevant locations you have it online, the more trust you create.

  • Your 20 Videos from We’ve Got Your Customers Strategy #1 are properly optimized using proven Video search engine optimization techniques and submitted to 4 of the Top Video Submission sites on the web.

  • Social Media is popular. It’s also the most misunderstood marketing method. It’s best for building relationships while limiting your time investment – not hard-selling on a medium being used for social purposes.

  • You’ve probably heard this saying by now: “The Money is in the List.” There is a direct correlation between the quality and size of customer lists and the success of many local companies. How BIG is your List?

  • Just like houses, your business’s website MUST be built on a Solid Foundation! If your website and blog are not created using Search Engine friendly code and best practices, your optimization efforts will be severely hindered.

  • Data Provider Submissions are extremely important. If used correctly, they blast your NAP out to many of the most important directories! Word of Caution: Getting this wrong can create Huge Data Inconsistencies!

  • Optimizing the images on your website is an often overlooked best practice. You should also never steal images from Google Images and similar. Otherwise, you open yourself up to liability from the owners of those images!

  • Citations are a major ranking factor for Local SEO. A less cited benefit of Citations are all the additional ways searchers will find your website. The more relevant citations you have, the better your chances of being found.

  • Newsletters build rapport with existing customers. By providing quality content, your company is established as the local cleaning experts. Newsletters are also great referral sources by staying on customer’s minds.

  • The Biggest Factors that determine your success or failure online are (1) The Market You Select and (2) The Keywords You Choose. Your KWs need to be added in the right spots or your site can be penalized or even delisted!

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) can be very helpful in driving qualified traffic to your website, especially for new sites. To avoid skyrocketing costs, pay close attention to Exact Match and Negative Keywords.

  • Done correctly, optimizing your local Places pages can make you STAND OUT among your peers! Make sure you click the Service Area box to avoid violating TOS and getting delisted if you do not have a brick and mortar location!

  • Word of Mouth has always been the #1 purchasing influencer. Online Reviews are the new Word of Mouth! Reviews are a great way to build trust and get business that otherwise will be going to your competitors.

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