Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Websites Cost?

Short Answer - It Depends.

Longer Answer - Just like asking "How much does a car cost?" or "How much does a house cost?", there are a Lot of factors that go into appropriately pricing a website that will fit your needs. We specialize in what we like to call "Marketing Machines" which are websites that have many Bells and Whistles already built in. To get a ballpark estimate for what you need to best position and portray your company online, schedule your Complimentary Evaluation at

How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO Pricing depends on Many Factors, mainly the Competitiveness of your Industry and Geographic Location. (ex: There are a LOT more searches for Tampa than there are for Lutz and for most industries there is a LOT more Competition) If we do not believe that you can bring in a Multiple of your SEO Investment, then we will not accept you as a Client. Visit to schedule your Complimentary Consultation and we'll let you know if there is a fit or if your marketing dollars are better spent elsewhere. (Yes, we have turned MANY Potential Clients away - and these have in turn referred MANY Clients to us that were a better fit for the services we provide)

Will I Need Ongoing Marketing?

Every situation is different. For Competitive Niches, Ongoing Marketing is often necessary if you want to remain relevant and compete online with others who are vying for Google's Top Spots. For Semi-Competitive niches, often we'll recommend an ongoing, but less frequent Program (ex: 1 month on - then 2 months off). And for some niches that are not as Competitive, we recommend waiting to see where the website settles in at and then revisiting 60 days later to discuss if Any Online Marketing is needed [sometimes Clients move straight to the Top and start getting Leads without any additional Marketing. Some of those contact us to see if/how we can scale the number of Leads and some are happy just having their website Paid for and Collecting the Profits ;-)]

How Long After Launch Until My Website Starts to Rank?

60-90 Days is the Normal Time Period given for Google and other Search Engines to time to Index and for the website to settle into the rankings. However, we often see sites start ranking and generating Leads MUCH sooner. 

What Are Your Contract Terms for Marketing?

Over the years, we've heard horror story after horror story from business owners who were unhappy and stuck in long term contracts. For this reason, we decided it was best to not even offer them 🙂 Instead, we believe in earning our Client's business each and every month. You will know what is being worked on each month and also receive a report of what was accomplished at the end of the month along with the next month's Game Plan.

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