Frequently Asked Questions

"Online Marketing Machines™" are "Websites on Steroids" that only We've Got Your Customers develops that represent the following formula:

Design x SEO x Security x Story x Conversion

Most "website designers" get one or possibly two of these right.

What we've found, however, is that Local Business Owners don't care about websites themselves.

What you Do care about is getting more customers and increasing your profits!

And THAT is what "Online Marketing Machines™" are designed to do.

Every Single Step (from Domain & Hosting Providers to Post Launch Processes) of the "Online Marketing Machines™" Build Formula is taken into account in regards to how it can help get your business more customers and increase your market share.

While your existing site can be Drastically Improved, it will not reach it's Full Potential without every split-tested step being in place...

However, we do have Clients that still want their sites improved on an Hourly Basis which we do as well and provide discounts when hours are purchased in Blocks of 10. 

You will have a Very Good understanding of your specific situation and all the options available after the Marketing Audit so that you can make the decision that is best for your business growth goals.

The Build Time depends on a number of Factors including How Many Pages, How Responsive You Are in Providing Required Info, Number of Customizations, etc...

For Sites Under 20 Pages where you are Responsive and Customizations are Minimal, start to finish averages about 40 business days...

You will be Very Aware throughout the Build about the time-frame via clear communication.

This is Decided on a Case by Case basis.

There is a Lot that goes into effectively hosting and maintaining websites.

Some common reasons people ask this question:

  • Their website has been Hacked. Some Interesting Info:
  • They just clicked "Update All" in their Dashboard and:
    • "The website is now down completely"
    • "A lot of things aren't working as they should"
  • They read an article that all Hosting platforms are not the same
  • They were referred by someone they know and trust that uses us for this Service

A Major WordPress Version Release happens about every 4 months.

As you can see there are many more Releases throughout the year.

And that is just the Core Files...

You also need to stay on top of your Theme Updates (both Parent and Child Themes) and all Plugins.

Common reasons sites get hacked:

  • Insecure Hosting
  • Weak Passwords
  • "admin" is your Username
  • Not updating the following to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities:
    • WordPress
    • Plugins
    • Themes [Parent (and Child if applicable)]

All of this is Included in our Online Marketing Machines™.

However, we do have a program for this as well if you want us to take care of your existing website.

Plans start out at $299/month and go up from there based on file size, traffic, etc... These plans also include our Backup Service...

* Websites that are Down, have Broken Elements, and/or have been Hacked will be looked at and an Estimate provided for getting them into good operating order so that your Maintenance Program can begin...


The Service Industries Listed are some of the common ones we work with, but we do build Online Marketing Machines™ for many others.

The Best Results depend on the Niche and Geographic Location you've chosen for your business.

Knowing those helps determine Your Potential for Success.

This is a 30 Minute Call that will include the following information that many agencies charge $1K+ for:

  • Basic KW Research for Your Geography ($250 Value)
  • Basic Competition Analysis ($250 Value)
  • Basic Website Audit ($250 Value)
  • Basic Marketing Game Plan Outlined ($250 Value)

Note: We go much more in depth on each of these during 2 Hr Consultation and Coaching Sessions.

However, we often get feedback from business owners that they learned more in the 30 minute Marketing Audit than they Ever did from any of their previous agencies...

Great Question! 🙂

And the Answer depends on quite a few factors that are covered during your Marketing Audit...

That being said, if you are in a competitive niche where your competition is marketing online, then it's likely you need to be as well - just be smarter about it 😉

Many of our Clients jump to the top of the Rankings shortly after launching their OMM™.

During your Marketing Audit, we'll go over the likelihood of this happening based on your niche, competition level, etc so you can plan accordingly based on your business objectives and goals...

Your Path to More Customers and Profits Starts Here