Is Content Really King in SEO?

Content is King Image for Local SEO Blog Post

Is your King an important piece in Chess? That should have answered the question, but for those who prefer Checkers or Backgammon, the answer is a resounding YES!

Without your King in Chess the game is over and the same is true when it comes to your website being found. If you do not have original, well written, relevant content on your website, then you might as well throw in the towel (also could be inserted in place of “throw in the towel”: “forfeit”, “fold”, “surrender”, “wave a white flag”, “flip over the gameboard” – you get the point).


So how do you write quality content? I’m glad you asked!

It’s easier than you think. Just write about what your customers are asking about. What are the Top 10 questions you and your employees get asked every day? There’s your 1st 10 Blog posts.

Link Keyphrases in those posts to pages on your website that provide more information about what your Post is about. Sound Tough? Here’s a quick example:

A question I get asked often is “How can We’ve Got Your Customers help me and my business?”

My answer is this: “We’ve Got Your Customers helps Local Independent business owners maximize the return on their advertising investment. Occasionally we are not the best option for a particular business. But more often than not, local business owners find that our Local SEO, Mobile Marketing and Social Media Marketing packages are the best options for attracting their ideal clients and growing their business.”

This is a basic example, but provides a great starting point for anyone starting out creating Blog Posts. The Content above accomplished several things at once:

  • The content is original, well-written (‘well’ might be a stretch), and relevant
  • It answers one of the Top Ten questions we get asked
  • It provides links to other pages on our site that are relevant and the reader can choose to visit or not
  • It engages visitors to our website
  • When we post it to our Social networks, others will see the post and read if they are interested

So get Blogging today with good content. And if you are still too slammed with your day to day activities or just don’t have the desire to write a Blog Post once or twice a week, we are working on ways to help you there too. In late August, we will be releasing 2 package options to write original, quality, relevant content for our customers. This will still require your input as noone knows your business like you do, but our packages will help get your blog rolling for you until you can take over. Stay tuned for more information in the weeks that follow.

In the meantime, if you are just starting out, we highly recommend 1st reading Google’s Content Guidelines to make sure you are on the write track (pun intended)