Local Pay Per Click

Is Local Pay Per Click right for Your Business?

A Few Questions Can Help You Determine if Google and Other Online Auctions are Right for You:

  • Do People Search Online for the Services that You Provide? (If you do not know, running a PPC Campaign can Provide Valuable Insight)
  • What Geographic Location have you Chosen as Your Business's Home Base?
  • What is the Average Lifetime Value of a New Client For Your Business?
  • What is the Average Cost Per Click for Your Industry and Location?
  • How does your Return On Investment (ROI) for other Marketing Methods compare to what is estimated for PPC?
  • Do you Need Clients Immediately?
  • What is Your Budget?

Pay Per Click Campaigns can be Easy to Set Up and Much More Difficult to Manage Effectively!

Not a Week goes by that we hear from a local business owner who says that they've "tried PPC" and "it doesn't work for (their) industry". 9 Times out of 10, this is simply not the case and User Error is to Blame. A Well Run Pay Per Click Campaign should involved Constant Ad Split Testing and Targeted Keyword Adjustments to keep Fine-tuning the Campaigns to Minimize Cost Per Clicks, Maximize Click Through Rates and Improve Quality Scores.

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