Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Local Search Engine Optimization is one of the MOST POWERFUL forms of Marketing for Local Service Based Businesses!

Word of Mouth has long been the #1 Form of Marketing for established businesses and Local SEO is sometimes referred to as the New Word of Mouth.

For most industries, people who are searching for information get it from one of two sources - They Ask People They Trust for Recommendations and/or They Search Online to Learn What Their Options Are and What Others are Saying About Those Options!

STAT - "82% of smartphone users use a search engine when looking for a local business."

The First Step to Determine if Local SEO is Valuable for your business is to determine How Many Keyword Searches are being performed Each Month for the Services you provide in the Geographic Area that you provide those Services in.

The Second Step is to Analyze Your Competition to Determine what it will take to Outrank Them and start getting the New Customers that are currently calling them to Call You Instead.

This is done by making sure Your Information is Directly in Front of them when they are ready to make a Buying Decision.

If you would like a Free 15 Minute Evaluation to see if People are Searching for the Services you Provide in the Area you Provide those Services, then click on the Request Information Button below and we'll provide an overview of your current niche and competition that will help you decide if Local SEO should be part of Your Marketing Strategy.

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