The Second Most Popular Holiday This Week

Most everyone is aware that Easter was this past Sunday.  But do you know what the second most popular holiday this week is?  That’s Right – World Backup Day!  OK, maybe you won’t be taking the day off or even the least bit excited unless you also enjoy and dream about taking apart and putting computers back together.

Although this isn’t the sexiest topic (since you now know World Backup Day isn’t honoring a dance move going on in Ybor City clubs this weekend), it is none the less Very Important and you should be paying attention (time to focus and stop thinking about Ybor City!)

Having a good backup system in place can affect your livelihood!  In particular, we are going to be focusing on your website, but this applies to All important data that you need to have a copy of should the unthinkable occur.

Think about this for a second – What would you do if You Lost Everything? If your office or home flooded or caught fire? If a Hacker got in and deleted everything off your computer, phone and tablet?

It’s more common than you think:

  • Over 60 million computers will fail this year
  • Over 200,000 smartphones are lost or destroyed every year

That’s countless irreplaceable documents and treasured memories.

Answer this question – have you ever lost a digital document or image that you were not able to retrieve?

Most everyone has – and sadly, still only about 1 out of 4 people backup their important information on a regular basis.

What will it cost you in time, emotionally and financially to get back to where you are right now should the unthinkable happen and you lose everything?  Would you even be able to get everything back?


The Solution

There is no perfect solution, but a great start for the majority of businesses and people is to have a 3-2-1 strategy.

The 3-2-1 strategy stands for having 3 copies of your data, 2 of which are local but on different devices and 1 copy offsite.

Using your website as an example – is stored on your office computer.  That’s one copy.  You also use an external hard drive to back up your computer. That’s copy number two and is on a separate device.  That leaves needing an online backup solution such as your online server, Dropbox and other Cloud based options.

Onsite backups are great, but the offsite backup is key to your complete backup strategy. Computer crashes, break-ins, fires and floods can be devastating.

So plan ahead and make sure your important information, including your website, is safe from being lost and save yourself worry as well as time and financial losses – which can both put you behind on achieving your business and personal goals!  And be thankful for this often overlooked holiday – World Backup Day!