Will Google Continue the Black and White Animal Theme?

OK, granted Panda was named after Google Engineer Navneet Panda and Penguin only came about after a long list of cute animals was narrowed down and voted on.

But now that there seems to be a theme going, let’s have some fun with it!

Off the Top of your head, how many Black and White animals can you name in less than 30 seconds?


If you can name more than a handful outside of panda, penguin and zebra, then I’d wager there’s a very good chance you won your 4th grade spelling bee!

Respond to this Post to Lock In your bragging rights. We might even draw a name from the list of winners for a Cool Prize.

1 Comment

  1. Scott L Smith on November 15, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    I’ll start it off…

    Went with the Pictured Baby Malayan Tapir, because if Google gets a glance at this picture, then Game Over – Voting Closed!

    Admit it – it’s impossible to scowl while looking up at that pic.

    The next morning we’ll all be scrambling to learn everything we can about the Baby Malayan Tapir Update.

    And now be honest – you just tried not to scowl and were unsuccessful 🙂