Google+ Local Announced Today! Click For Video

Google+ Local was announced today along with the integration of Zagat Reviews. Watch video to learn more:

What does this mean for Google Places? IMO, Places information will be used along with other online trusted sources to form the initial Google+ Local business pages.

If you are a local business owner and do not have a Google+ account, CREATE ONE NOW!!

Google+ has been slow to catch on with the average person spending WAYYY more time on Facebook to this point.

But I truly believe the shift has begun.

Will it be overnight? Absolutely Not!

Google will have to work many kinks out to not have the same merge and lost review issues that Places Pages became notoriously famous for.

And exactly how much emphasis is Google now putting on Social Reviews?

Only time will tell, but don’t think for a second that this all happened over night. Many have speculated for quite some time that G has been working towards this.

Hold on tight – the Fun is just beginning. Will be interesting to see exactly how much weight this Google punch packs, how competitors will respond and what other surprises the Big G has in store for us in coming weeks!